belge-varelEnsuring the uninterrupted operation of our services following the project design and commissioning is one of our fundamental business principles as Varel Alarmgroep.

While giving significance to the service quality as much as the products and respective projects, we maintain professional service and maintenance services within the scope of a “Service Continuity and Service Agreement” following the delivery of the system.

Our After Sales Technical Service department that consists of engineers, technicians and software developers who are specialized and trained in their respective areas of expertise is here to serve our customers uninterruptedly on a 7/24 basis. As a necessity for providing a quality service and keeping up with the ever changing and improving technology, our technical team periodically participates in the trainings held at home and in abroad with respect to all the systems that are sold and implemented.

We aim to provide maximum efficiency by minimizing the fault/malfunction rates through periodic maintenance works, and inform our customers by sharing the periodic maintenance reports with them. The purpose of a periodic and preventive maintenance is to identify possible faults within the systems before they actually occur, and thereby minimizing the service cost/interruption period.

As part of its service quality, Varel Alarmgroep Technical Service provides substitute products for its customers under the Maintenance Agreement instead of such products which can not be repaired in the service area. Thus the Varel Alarmgroep customers are guaranteed the uninterrupted operation of the system by entering into the maintenance agreement. While the customers under maintenance agreement are guaranteed to have their problems solved within the same day, the same quality standard is aimed to be achieved with the customers who are not under the said agreement.

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